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On Wednesday 14 June 2006 10:33, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >Actually, "make modules" does not exist anymore with 2.6. Both built-in
> >and modular stuff are built at the same time.
> >Only "make modules_install" is still required.
> You can _still_ build bzImage and modules separately.
> The _default_ kernel Makefile target though reads (sth. like)
> all: bzImage modules

Maybe for consistency with other packages, the default "make install" should 
imply modules_install too.

I know you can hack around this with /sbin/installkernel (on at least x86 and 
x86_64), but it's counterintuitive. I guess the reason is that 'install' has 
always meant "just the bzImage please", and sometimes it's valid to install 
only a bzImage without reinstalling modules. However, it just leads to 
problems such at the original poster's.


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