Introduce a New Metrics to measure Load average.

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Dear Friends,
Please give us your valuable comments on this important change to introduce a new Metric to measure Load average.
Currently /proc/loadavg reports only the resultant value.

We are doing a scheduling in the Grid project. As a part of that we had to do some changes to the kernel
The problem with the load metric of current Linux/Unix is that it measures
CPU load and Disk load without indicating the true nature of the load,
thereby creating some confusion among the readers. For example, if a CPU
bound task switches on to read a large chunk of disk data, then the load
average value would still continue to indicate this activity as a load, yet
the true CPU load during this period would have been zero. This situation
triggered us to make necessary additions to the kernel so that CPU load and
Disk load could be reported separately. Further the specialisation of load
helped our model to perform predictions when there is interference between
CPU and Disk IO loads.
In the user mode, a new proc file called /proc/loadavgus would collect the
new data according to a new format which would look like the following,
                CPU    Disk
Root            0.7     0
User1   0.9     1
User2   0.9     0
User3   1.03    1
User4   0.93    0
User5   1.0     0

What do you think about this change?

Sena Seneviratne
Computer Engineering Lab
School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Sydney University

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