merging swap prefetching

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I wasn't aware there was a push to merge swap prefetching in
2.6.18, until the -mm merge plans post.

I would have expected to see some numbers, however I guess the
"merge unless proven bad" approach for new features works too.

I had a quick look at the code, and I think it still needs
more cleanup and review... it is vaguely difficult to participate
in discussions about these patches because they are often split
over several iterations of versions/fixes, and because it isn't
always clear what they depend on (although in the case of swap
prefetching, that isn't so much of a problem).

And also, there is no linux-mm thread to reply to... could we
have some of the intrusive mm/ patches intended for 2.6.18
posted here before they get merged, or is that too much trouble?

As far as swap prefetching itself goes, I still don't like it
much (same issues still stand), but with some cleaning up the
patch shouldn't be too bad, and I can turn it off... so if people
want it and if numbers show it is working, I wouldn't object.

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