Re: [Ext2-devel] [RFC 0/13] extents and 48bit ext3

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Alex Tomas wrote:
Jeff Garzik (JG) writes:
 JG> Alex Tomas wrote:
 >>>>>>> Jeff Garzik (JG) writes:
 JG> If it will remain a mount option, if it is never made the
 >> default
 JG> (either in kernel or distro level), then only 1% of users will ever
 JG> use the feature.  And we shouldn't merge a 1% use feature into the
 JG> _main_ filesystem for Linux.
 >> strictly speaking, not that many users really need >2TB fs ...

 JG> Not true.  Terabyte SATA drives are less than a year away.  2TB
 JG> drives... probably 2 years?

oh, 2 years sound long enough for defaulting extents?
If terabyte drives will be here in less than a year, and 750GB drives
are already here, then people with today's commodity hardware are
probably already chomping at the bit to do >2TB LVM and RAID.
Hook eight 750GB SATA drives to a Marvell SATA controller (all
commodity, all production) and you're way past 2TB.

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