HELP! Slip Interface losing packets. Looking for contractor to fix.

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 	We have a custom compiled Linux Kernel running oh RHEL 3.1

 		[root@st0056_1 root]# uname -a
 		Linux st0056_1 2.4.21-32.0.1.ELcustom #12 SMP Wed Sep 14 11:55:22 EDT 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

 	We compiled in SLIP support using the standard RHEL kernel supplied by Redhat. Unfortunately, RH does not support SLIP. We are experiencing problems that we believe are a kernel issue (either SLIP or SERIAL) and are interested in hiring a contractor to diagnose the problem and provide a kernel patch to the kernel we are using (if necessary). We do not want to upgrade or change distributions at this time (business/practicality reasons).

 	If you are interested, please send an e-mail with your resume (doc, odf, or plain text) to '[email protected]' (I'll provide a private e-mail address to interested parties).

 	The company website is here:

 Thank You,

 	Gerald Butler
 	Project Manager - Store Systems
 	Sterling Inc

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