Re: [PATCH] MSI: Proposed fix for MSI/MSI-X load failure

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Rajesh Shah writes:

> The current MSI code actually does this deliberately, not by
> accident. It's got a lot of complex code to track devices and
> vectors and make sure an enable_msi -> disable -> enable sequence
> gives a driver the same vector. It also has policies about
> reserving vectors based on potential hotplug activity etc.
> Frankly, I've never understood the need for such policies, and
> am in the process of removing all of them.

Good.  We will not be able to support a policy of giving the driver
the same vector across an enable_msi/disable/enable sequence on IBM
System p machines (64-bit PowerPC), because the firmware controls the
MSI allocation, and it doesn't give us the necessary guarantees.

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