Re: [RFC 0/5] sched: Add CPU rate caps

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Sam Vilain wrote:
Peter Williams wrote:

This is correct.  Basically I read the (which explains Linux
network schedulers etc) and the description of the Token Bucket
Scheduler inspired me to write the same thing for CPU resources.  It was
originally developed for the 2.4 Alan Cox series kernels.  The primary
I most recently described this at, a
lot of that thread is probably worth catching up on.
Have you considered adding an implementation of these schedulers to PlugSched?

No, I haven't; I'd be happy to do so, given appropriate pointers to a
codebase I can produce commits for.  Is there a public git tree for the
patches, or a series of split out patches?

Yes, but not yet publicly available. I use quilt to keep the patch series up to date and do the change as a relatively large series (30 or so) to make it easier for me to cope with changes in the kernel. When I do the next release I'll make a tar ball of the patch series available.

Of course, if your eager to start right away I could make the 2.6.17-rc4-mm1 one available?

 I see only combined patches
on the SourceForge site.

Yes, I'm trying to be not too greedy in my disk space use :-)

Peter Williams                                   [email protected]

"Learning, n. The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious."
 -- Ambrose Bierce
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