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Hi Mingming,

On May 26, 2006, Mingming wrote:
> As we have discussed before, it's saner to define ext3 fs blocks type
> and group block type and then fix the kernel ext3 block variable type
> bugs....So above patches from me are going to be replaced by a new
> set of ext3 filesystem blocks patches, I have sent out a RFC to the
> ext2-devel list in the last few weeks:

I agree.  But the aim of this fix is to keep as much compatibility as
possible by making only >2TB file incompatible(RO).  So I didn't add
typedef for ext3 block type.

Now I'm working on changing the type of variables related to block,
including ext3_fileblk_t.  I'll send the update patches later.

Cheer, sho

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