Re: [PATCH 3/3] pci: gt96100eth use pci probing

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Jeff Garzik napsal(a):
> Jiri Slaby wrote:
>>>> +unprobe:
>>>> +    for (j = i; j > 0; j--) {
>>>> +        struct gt96100_if_t *gtif = &gtifs[j - 1];
>>>> +        gt96100_remove1(gtif);
>>>> +    }
>>>> +    kfree(gtifs);
>>> upon failure, you fail to set drvdata back to NULL
>> What is the purpose of setting this to NULL, other drivers don't do
>> that too?
> A simple grep(1) shows well over 300 cases that do this.
But also shows the latter case: some of them do not have pci_dev_setdrv([^,]*,
NULL) -- it finds only one occurence of that function (that set the value).
> And it's just logical:  don't leave a pointer hanging around, after it
> has been kfree'd.
Seems logical. Will do it.

Jiri Slaby
\_.-^-._   [email protected]   _.-^-._/
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