Re: [PATCH] Gerd Hoffman's move-vsyscall-into-user-address-range patch

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Ingo Molnar <[email protected]> wrote:
> is it really a big problem to add "vdso=0" to the long list of 
>  requirements you need to run a 2.6 kernel on an old distribution (or to 
>  disable CONFIG_VDSO)? FC1 wasnt even 2.6-ready, it used a 2.4 kernel!

I assume that FC1-using people aren't the only ones who will be affected by
this.  We just don't know.

Oh well.  One way of finding out is to ship the thing ;)

I seem to have lost the vdso=0 patch and the CONFIG_VDSO patch.  Resend,

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