Re: How should Touchscreen Input Drives behave (OpenEZX pcap_ts)

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> > > > Another one: you say you're workin on building X-e. Are you talking about kdrive?
> > > 
> > > I have no idea, just replaying the package names that OE uses ;)
> > > 
> > > I now have Xfbdev running on the A780.  Unfortunately due to some
> > > strange black magic, the ts driver ceases to receive interrupts as soon
> > > as X is started. reproducible.  The same happens with ts_test.
> > 
> > Just poll the touchscreen, then... I have similar problems with
> > battery hardware and touchscreen sharing ADCs on collie... but
> > hopefully Motorola did not do _that_ mistake.
> oh yes, the ADC is multiplexed with dozens (well, actually 14)  inputs.
> But you can actually very carefully prorgram which ones to read into
> what register, and have you notified once completed.
> Oh, and to make it even better: The ADC is used by two processors, by
> the Application Processor (that runs linux) and the Baseband Processor
> ;)
> I've now fixed that interrupt problem, but I have some other issues in
> the state machine that is required for alternating pressure/xy reads.
> Confident that those things can be fixed, though.

Okay, looks like collie is clean&simple hardware compared to
*that*. Asymetric MultiProcessing cellphone...

Is there any work going on on higher levels of stack? gomunicator for
user interface... Something for multiplexing AT commands?
(cesky, pictures)
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