Re: Was change to ip_push_pending_frames intended to break udp (more specifically, WCCP?)

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Paul P Komkoff Jr <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a userspace application, which talks WCCP2 with cisco routers.
> It sends and receives UDP packets on port 2048. After I've updated my
> server to 2.6.16, it stopped working.
> Examining logs and packet dumps of previous (2.6.15 kernel) vs.
> current, I found, that cisco will not understand packets generated by
> 2.6.16. The only difference in that packets was IP id field, which was
> increasing (1, 2, ...) with old kernel, and always 0 with 2.6.16.
> Looking thru the changelog, I've found a suspect. It was this commit:
> Reverting this patch fixes my problems - the router understands
> packets again.
> I took a look through the code and ip_select_ident codepath but still
> don't understand why it setting id to 0.

(netdev cc added)
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