RE: Help: strange messages from kernel on IA64 platform

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Döhr, Markus ICC-H wrote on Tuesday, May 16, 2006 2:20 PM
> > During communication in between application and megaraid 
> > driver via IOCTL, the system displays messages which are not 
> > easy to track down.
> > Following is one of the messages and same messages with 
> > different values are poping up regularly.
> > ---
> > Kernel unaligned access to 0xe00000007f3d80dc ip=0xa0000002000373b1
> > ---
> We have this message too on our main database server; the interesting part
> is, that the application, which triggers this error, is a database (MaxDB)
> and the process name is "kernel"... Just to avoid confusion: look if there's
> an application with such name running on your system.

Unaligned access warning for user space process will print in a slightly
different format.  It will print process name and its pid, something like:

cgc(15270): unaligned access to 0x20000000002b8025, ip=0x4000000000000b21

(you can also make the differentiation by looking at the data and instruction

- Ken
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