[PATCH 0/3] VFS changes to collapse AIO and vectored IO into single (set of) fileops.

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These series of patches collapses all the vectored IO support into
single set of file-operation method using aio_read/aio_write.
This work was originally suggested & started by Christoph Hellwig,
when Zach Brown tried to add vectored support for AIO.

Here is the summary:

[PATCH 1/3] Vectorize aio_read/aio_write methods

[PATCH 2/3] Remove readv/writev methods and use aio_read/aio_write

[PATCH 3/3] Zach's core aio changes to support vectored AIO.

BTW, Chuck Lever is actually re-arranging NFS DIO, AIO code to
fit into this model. 

Thanks to Chuck Lever and Shaggy for tracking down the latest
set of issues :)

I ran various testing including LTP on this series. Andrew,
can you include these in -mm tree ?


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