Re: [PATCH] Move various PCI IDs to header file

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Grant Coady wrote:
> When I worked on pci_ids.h cleanup last year I didn't get a clear 
> idea of whether moving all #defines to the one header file was 
> desired.  Last I looked there were heaps of them scattered all 
> over.  Is there a preferred model for placing these #defines?
> Grant.

According to the document Randy referenced, the preferred place for
*new* defines is to stick them in the local files where they are used.
I don't think there is any preference for moving the out of pci_ids.h
as it would just cause patch noise for the sake of making noise.

So much for being able to go through the pci_ids.h file to get an idea
about whether or not a device may have a chance of being supported :(

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