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>> And so it does. Annoying. Time to hack kernel to add a new scheduling
>> policy, SCHED_STAYIDLE, which is like SCHED_IDLE but cannot be unset
>> except by root.
>> Can't make it the default, since a program running at SCHED_IDLE in a
>> machine with 100% CPU usage by some other program will never process
>> SIGKILL, and thus can only be killed by setting its scheduling policy to
>> normal...

Try making SCHED_STAYIDLE non-idle enough so that non-catchable signals get 
processed in an appropriate time.

>> Darn obnoxious program, SetiAtHome...
>Obviously when they wrote the linux client and added the ability to set the 
>priority from within the program to nice 19 they also explicitly set the 
>scheduling policy at the same time. This might make sense on some other OS... 
>but not linux.
You have the source, you can change the behavior as a temporary workaround.

Jan Engelhardt
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