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Am Tuesday 02 May 2006 23:53 schrieb Jared Hulbert:
> I will be submitting a new filesystem for inclusion into the kernel as
> soon as it is ready.  (It mounts but doesn't like doing much else
> right now.)  I would like to get feedback now to mold the development
> as we go along.  Please comment on the technical approaches and other
> inherent qualities or lack thereof.  Let me know of any serious
> obstacles to inclusion in the mainline.  We will Lindent it and clean
> it up quite a bit before really submitting.
> You may find it at its very boring sourceforge site
>  Browse the source at
> Or get the tarball at
> What is it?:
> - AXFS for Advanced XIP File System.
> - Intended to be a root filesystem for embedded systems
> - Readonly
> - Uses addressable memory such as NOR flash instead of a block device
> - Borrows much from CRAMFS with Linear XIP patches
> - Allows XIP* of individual pages instead of just individual files
> - Uses filemap_xip.c where possible
> * By XIP, eXecute In Place, we mean that when a file is mmap'd() the
> pages are mapped directly to where they are stored in non volatile
> storage, rather than copied to RAM in the page cache and mapped from
> there

Nice, this is the first time I heard of anyone using filemap_xip on MTD.

> Why a new filesystem?
> - XIP of kernel is mainline, but not XIP of applications.  This
> enables application XIP

ext2fs does have XIP of applications, but of course only works on
block devices, not MTD. Is there more missing than an implementation
of block_device_operations::direct_access for mtd_blktrans_ops?

Why can't you get the same result with a combination of cramfs for
data files and ext2 with -o xip for your mmapped binaries?

> - Cramfs linear XIP patches not suitable for submission and lack some
> features of AXFS

Is that a fundamental problem of cramfs, or rather a problem of the
implementation of the linear XIP patches for it? IOW, can't you just
do a better patch to add filemap_xip support to cramfs?

> - Design allows for tighter packing of data and higher performance
> than XIP cramfs

why? by how much?

	Arnd <><
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