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Martin Mares wrote:

Perhaps people who developed kernel-level code in _both_ C and C++ would be qualified to speculate on that (I have, but apparently I don't have a clue).

Well, what about just showing an example of kernel code in C++, which
you consider nice?

I don't have access to that code (which was closed source anyway).

But it executed C++ code within a few cycles of entering the reset vector (no standard BIOS), including but not limited to: programming the memory controller (430MX chipset), servicing interrupts, hardware accelerated 2D graphics (C&T 65550), IDE driver, simple filesystem, simple windowing GUI, network driver (Tulip) etc.

More recently I participated in writing a filesystem in C++. That's in userspace, but many of the techniques used in writing kernel code are necessary there (extreme robustness, can't assume infinite memory, locking, etc.)

There are C++ embedded kernels in and, but I haven't looked at them, so I can't say whether I consider them nice or not.

error compiling committee.c: too many arguments to function

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