Re: irq event 5: bogus return value 19

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Professor Moriarty napsal(a):
> On debugging a soundcard driver (the Riptide driver from linuxant,
> ported by me to 2.6), I seem to have 2 weird bugs that are giving me a
> headache:
> Both occur when I try to actually play a file
> The first: ppos != &file->f_pos
> If I comment that check out, I get a kernelpanic. If I comment out the
> schedule_work() to run the bottom half of the IRQ handler, I get the
> message:
> irq event 5: bogus return value 19
> Followed by:
> kernel: Disabling IRQ #5
> At this point, the first 4K of raw PCM plays, and then /dev/dsp
> blocks, while the speakers repeat the 4K of data repeatedly until I
> ctrl+C mplayer. Trying to cat data to /dev/dsp plays first 4K, then
> cat says /dev/dsp is out of space.
> Any ideas?
Give us (at least parts of) the code and then we can tell you, now it may be
like a shot in the dark.

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