Re: JVM performance on Linux (vs. Solaris/Windows)

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K P wrote:

Sun's recently published SPECjbb_2005 numbers on Linux, Windows and
Solaris on their
Opteron system, and the Linux result is the lowest of the three by far:


It's not evident if Sun spent any time analyzing and tuning the Linux
result. While the
majority of the tuning opportunities for SPECjbb_2005 are likely to be
in the JVM itself, I was
wondering (given the large spread between the OS's) if there were
other typical opportunities
to tune the Linux kernel for JVM performance and SPECjbb_2005.

There are some other results showing excellent scalability with SPECjbb_2005 on
Linux/Itanium (such as SGI's: ), but it's
not clear if there are other opportunities for tuning unique to Linux
on Opteron, or Linux
in general that should be explored


SpecJBB is a really frigging stupid benchmark. It's *much* more affected
by the stupid crap in Java (like their locking model) than anything in the
Best to find another benchmark, oh and preferably somebody vaguely
objective to run it ;-)


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