Re: Fwd: [PATCH] Add a /proc/self/exedir link

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>>>>> "Joshua" == Joshua Hudson <[email protected]> writes:

Joshua> Excellent point. This proposal needs to die, but there needs
Joshua> to be some way to solve this problem.

Why don't you try to explain the problem in more depth, but without
assuming a solution at all.  Just talk about what you're trying to

As a SysAdmin by trade, if the program is written sanely, it's not
hard to make it relocateable and runable from anywhere.  It's when the
program *knows* or the libraries is uses *know* that stuff is in
certain locations that things break.  

I'm really writing from memory here, since I first saw your proposal
and looked it over and went "why bother?" but didn't have the time to
check it out in detail.  

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