Core-iSCSI/Nokia770 binaries released!

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Greetings all,

A Maemo formatted .deb binary for Core-iSCSI/Nokia770 has been released
on the wiki-homepage at

The files can be located directly at:

The only two requirements that currently exist (as listed in the README)
are 1) bash, and 2) obtaining superuser privledges on the device to be
able to load kernel modules, mount iSCSI LUNs, etc.

The only two limitiations that currently exist are 1) Authentication is
not supported in this release and 2) the for the 770 does
NOT ship with CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN=y, and hence we are only able to
detect LUN 0 for each iSCSI Target Node.  Unfortuately scsi_mod is
complied directly the kernel and the only method to get
around this is recompiling the kernel.  I would like to see scsi_mod
built as a module in future kernel releases for the Nokia 770, and
preferably with CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN=y enabled.

Also, now that the Core-iSCSI/Nokia770 project has made the first binary
release, its now time to start discussion what the plans are for the
iSCSI UI on the Nokia770.  I will be writing down some ideas for this on
the wiki homepage, and would be interested in getting some feedback on
some of the possibilies for making iSCSI easy to use on small devices.

Have fun!

Nicholas A. Bellinger <[email protected]>

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