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On Mar 31, 2006, at 4:20 PM, David Brownell wrote:

On Friday 31 March 2006 2:11 pm, Kumar Gala wrote:

So I give a new question.  Any issue with adding a rx & tx completion
to spi_bitbang?
What do you mean?

In my HW I get an interrupt when the transmitter is
done transmitting and one when the receiver is done receiving.  I
need some way to synchronize and wait for both events to occur before
continuing on in txrx_word().
You can't return from txrx_word() before the RX event, since the
return value is the word that was shifted in.  So if you use IRQs
to synchronize there (rather than polling a status register), all
that would be internal to your code.
Your right, I just put this in my struct that wraps spi_bitbang.

It's too bad we dont have a better solution for spi_bitbang having to be first.
I've got a working driver w/o using the setup_transfer() mods, I'll
look at fixing that up next.
- kumar
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