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Jens Axboe <[email protected]> wrote:
> Actually it isn't so bad, how does this look?
> ...
>  @@ -180,30 +181,48 @@ static int __generic_file_splice_read(st
>   	i = find_get_pages(mapping, index, nr_pages, pages);
>   	/*
>  -	 * If not all pages were in the page-cache, we'll
>  -	 * just assume that the rest haven't been read in,
>  -	 * so we'll get the rest locked and start IO on
>  -	 * them if we can..
>  +	 * common case - we found all pages, kick it off
>   	 */
>  -	while (i < nr_pages) {
>  -		struct page *page;
>  -		int error;
>  -
>  -		page = find_or_create_page(mapping, index + i, GFP_USER);
>  -		if (!page)
>  -			break;
>  +	if (i == nr_pages)
>  +		goto splice_them;

The return value from find_get_pages() is "how many pages did I find" - it
doesn't tell us whether they were contiguous.

How about

	if (i && (pages[i - 1]->index == index + i - 1))


So if we asked for N pages starting at index=10 and got

	[11, 13]

i == 2
pages[i-1]->index == 13
index + i - 1 == 11.

So I think it's OK.  Yeah, it has to be - any gap at all in the returned
page array will make pages[i-1]->index too big.

The one-at-a-time logic looks OK from a quick scan.  Do we have logic in
there to check that we're not overrunning i_size?  (See the pain
do_generic_mapping_read() goes through).

argh, readahead.  Really we should be kicking the readahead engine in there
as well.  That's fairly straightforward - see do_generic_mapping_read().

Also, the code here _might_ be able to use do_page_cache_readahead() just
to prepopulate the pages which you know you'll be needing.  There are no
guarantees that the pages will still be there when you want them of course,
but it's a decent way of putting a block of pages into a single BIO and
speeding up the common case.  But if the code is calling
page_cache_readahead() it won't need to do that.

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