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        Sorry, I forgot a subject last time.  Maybe this will get
a response instead.

        I'm seeing these in my logcheck output:
Mar 27 16:16:45 king kernel: KERNEL: assertion (!sk->sk_forward_alloc) failed at net/core/stream.c (283)
Mar 27 16:16:45 king kernel: KERNEL: assertion (!sk->sk_forward_alloc) failed at net/ipv4/af_inet.c (150)

I also saw this with  I found references on LKML about
this happening in 2.6.9 with regards to TSO and lowering
tcp_tso_win_divisor.  I'm not lowering any values via sysctl
(that I'm aware of anyway), so I'm not sure if I should worry
about this.

        Just a heads up in case this is a real problem.

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