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John Richard Moser wrote:
David Vrabel wrote:

John Richard Moser wrote:

The question I have is, is this really significant?  I have heard quoted
that flash memory typically handles something like 3x10^18 writes;
That's like, uh, 13 orders of magnitudes out...
Yeah I did more searching, it looks like that was a mass overstatement.
 There was one company that did claim to have developed flash memory
with that size (I think it was 3.8x10^18) but it looks like typical
drives are 1.0x10^6 with an on-chip wear-leveling algorithm.
That is still high. Modern flash drives will do 100.000 writes for SLC
(single-level cells) or 10.000 writes for MLC (multi-level cells) [1].
the drive is like 256 megs with 64k blocks, that's still 129 years at
one write per second.
This is also assuming _perfect_ wear leveling. There are real world
drives with crappy (or even buggy) wear levelling. I've seen CF cards
die with much less writting than this.
Even then, with just 10.000 writes, this is already reduced to 1.29
years, assuming 64kb/sec average writting.
If you take into consideration that you can actually write 6Mbytes/sec
on a modern CF card, you can fry a 256Mb card in just 5 days, if you
write continuously.
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[1] check out:
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