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On 20/03/06, Alejandro Bonilla <[email protected]> wrote:

> -I inserted a CD and:-
> [4294853.924000] UDF-fs: No VRS found
> [4294854.199000] UDF-fs: No VRS found
> [4294854.517000] ISO 9660 Extensions: Microsoft Joliet Level 3
> [4294854.579000] ISO 9660 Extensions: RRIP_1991A

> any idea?

Do you use KDE?  I had a problem once with /dev/hdd being hammered
very similar (but this _was_ a CD-ROM).

If you do use KDE look in Control Center->KDE Components->Service
Manager.  There is a service called 'KDED Media manager' that was
causing my problems.  I turned it off.

Just an idea.

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