Re: Fix ali5451 dereferenced before NULL check

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Hi Takashi-san,

<quote sender="Takashi Iwai">
> At Thu, 16 Mar 2006 09:36:02 +0800,
> Eugene Teo wrote:
> > 
> > pvoice is missing a NULL check. channel needs a bound check too.
> Both checks are not necessary.  There is a single caller to this
> function, and the channel argument is a loop value of

All right.

> 	for (channel = 0; channel < ALI_CHANNELS; channel++)
> 		snd_ali_update_ptr(codec, channel);
> pvoice is the address pointing a part of a structure, so it cannot be
> NULL anyway.  If a check were needed, it should be if (codec != NULL).

A check for codec is unnecessary. snd_ali_card_interrupt() is the only
caller for snd_ali_interrupt() and it checks codec for NULL before it
calls the function to perform the above for loop.


1024D/A6D12F80 print D51D 2633 8DAC 04DB 7265  9BB8 5883 6DAA A6D1 2F80
main(i) { putchar(182623909 >> (i-1) * 5&31|!!(i<7)<<6) && main(++i); }

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