Re: + pnp-mpu401-adjust-pnp_register_driver-signature.patch added to -mm tree

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[email protected] writes:

> The patch titled
>      pnp: mpu401: adjust pnp_register_driver signature
> has been added to the -mm tree.  Its filename is
>      pnp-mpu401-adjust-pnp_register_driver-signature.patch
> See to find
> out what to do about this
> From: Bjorn Helgaas <[email protected]>
> This series of patches removes the assumption that pnp_register_driver()
> returns the number of devices claimed.  Returning the count is unreliable
> because devices may be hot-plugged in the future.  (Many devices don't support
> hot-plug, of course, but PNP in general does.)


How do onboard devices or ISA plug and play devices support hot-plug?

Or what devices supported by the pnp subsystem support hot-plug?

This may be a reasonable cleanup, but I'm worried about justifying it
with supporting hardware that does not exist.

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