Re: [PATCH] proc: task_mmu bug fix.

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Andrew Morton <[email protected]> writes:

> [email protected] (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:
>> This should fix the big bug that has been crashing kernels when
>>  fuser is called.  At least it is the bug I observed here.  It seems
>>  you need the right access pattern on /proc/<pid>/maps to trigger this.
> Thanks.  Do you think this is likely to fix the crashes reported by
> Laurent, Jesper, Paul, Rafael and Martin?

So I haven't tracked down all of the bug reports yet.  But the
few bits I have seen make it likely.  First the task_mmu change
was one of the largest change in logic I had to make.  Second
the ugly bug reports seem to be about an extra decrement.  Third
it seems to be my task_ref work that is the most implicated.

I will certainly follow and see what I can do to confirm that I have
gotten everything.

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