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Kirill Korotaev wrote:
How do we want to create the container?
In our patch we did it through a /proc/container filesystem.
Which created the container object and then on fork/exec switched over.
this doesn't look good for a full virtualization solution, since proc
should be virtualized as well :)
Just lazy's man's development version of a faked sys_call to create the container
without having to go through all architectures ...
Nothing permanent..

How about an additional sys_exec_container( exec_args + "container_name").
This does all the work like exec, but creates new container
with name "..." and attaches task to new container.
If name exists, an error -EEXIST will be raised !
Why do you need exec?
(a) how do you create/destroy a container
(b) how do you attach yourself to it?

-- Hubertus

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