Re: Wanted: hotfixes for -mm kernels

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* Paul Jackson <[email protected]> [2006-02-04 18:56:46 -0800]:

> Do we need a place to put hotfix patches, or do we just need a list of
> links to lkml postings to said patches.  Such a list has the advantage
> of pointing into the discussion surrounding each such fix, and such a
> list has the advantage of not holding so much redundant data (these
> patches will be redundant with what was posted on lkml).  Redundant
> data out of context goes stale, and is less valuable.
> I can imagine someone (not me ;) keeping a wiki web page, listing for
> each *-mm and Linus release the particular lkml patch postings that one
> needs to pick off to get a build and boot.
> Just brainstorming ...

That would just come closer to a repositories check-in description. I vote for
such a thing. If it is a wiki or not.

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