Re: Wanted: hotfixes for -mm kernels

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Chuck Ebbert <[email protected]> wrote:
> E.g. in 2.6.16-rc1-mm4 we have:
>         - SMP alternatives removes the lock prefix from instructions
>           in every loaded module because it wrongly believes you are
>           running an SMP kernel on UP.
>         - Device-mapper mirroring is using the wrong endianness and will
>           try to recover non-existent regions on the device.
>         - Compiler spews hundreds of warning messages during build.
>         - VGA console scrollback is totally broken because it prints
>           a message on every scroll operation.

We suck.

> Patches for all of the above and more have been posted to the list and
> I have applied them.  All I want is a place to collect them so they can
> be more easily found.

OK, I'll create a hot-fixes directory there and will try to remember to put
stuff into it.
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