Re: Patch for CVE-2004-1334 ???

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The simple reason we do not intend to use the latest version is we run
some third party software which cant be front ported (pardon the slang
) to 2.4.29 and above.
As for the changeset by  guninski , i wish to ask about a one point
source of applying all the patches for 2.4.28 .I mean shouldn't all
the kernel security patches ( atleast the ones that have become CVE's)
be a part of .Since there isn't any what is the reason ?
I dont want to go to Gentoo for one patch , red hat for another
....and GOD knows how many sites .
Torvalds is the GOD of open source , but am i asking for too much :-)

On 1/23/06, Diego Calleja <[email protected]> wrote:
> El Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:09:49 +0530,
> Syed Ahemed <[email protected]> escribió:
> > Hi
> > I do know this community is busy with more important things , but i am
> > out of ideas/search  on this one.
> > How do i get the patch for the CVE-2004-1334 ? I have an opensource
> Well, 2.4.32 fixes that bug and many others security. Any reason why you
> aren't using the latest version.
> You can find links to the changesets in the original security advisory
> from guninski (easy to find in google)
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