Re: [PATCH 3/5] stack overflow safe kdump (2.6.16-rc1-i386) - fault

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Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao <[email protected]> wrote:
> When we have a bloated stack it is likely that it ends up making an
> invalid memory access that in turn causes a page fault. Take this case
> into account in the page fault code.
> +	if (!virt_addr_valid(tsk)) {

Is virt_addr_valid() a sufficiently strong test here?  One could probe the
address to see if it generates a fault, like the __get_user() in

> +		printk("do_page_fault: Discarding invalid 'current' struct task_struct * = 0x%p\n", tsk);
> +		printk("do_page_fault: Discarding invalid current->mm struct mm_struct * = 0x%p\n", mm);

Try to make the code look nice in an 80-col window please.
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