[PATCH 000 of 5] md: Introduction - assorted fixes

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The following 5 patches are assorted fixes for md in 2.6.16-whatever

Patch 4 isn't exactly a 'fix'.  It adds functionality to raid6 to match

All should be suitable for 2.6.16-rc2


 [PATCH 001 of 5] md: Fix device-size updates in md.
 [PATCH 002 of 5] md: Make sure array geometry changes persist with version-1 superblocks.
 [PATCH 003 of 5] md: Don't remove bitmap from md array when switching to read-only
 [PATCH 004 of 5] md: Add sysfs access to raid6 stripe cache size
 [PATCH 005 of 5] md: Make sure QUEUE_FLAG_CLUSTER is set properly for md.
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