Re: 2.6.15-mm4 failure on power5

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On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 01:28 -0600, Nathan Lynch wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
> > Ingo Molnar <[email protected]> wrote:
> > > - so buggy early bootup code which relies on interrupts being 
> > > off might be surprised by it.
> > 
> > I don't think it's necessarily buggy that bootup code needs interrupts
> > disabled.  It _is_ buggy that bootup code which needs interrupts disabled
> > is calling lock_cpu_hotplug().
> I guess I don't understand -- why is it wrong for code that runs only
> in early early bootup, when there is only one process context, to use
> common code to e.g. register a hotplug cpu notifier? 

it's nasty to use things-that-can-sleep there though.
Even if that sleep is a bit theoretical, it still isn't nice.

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