SBC: Winsystems EPX-C3 Watchdog Timer?

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I wanted to see if a driver for the watchdog timer built into the Winsystems EPX-C3 SBC board is something the linux kernel people are interested in. If so, how should I structure the driver if I were to submit it?
The reason I ask is that this board's watchdog is pretty basic/primitive.
It is not a PCI device, it doesn't have any status registers per se and is
configured by jumpers on the board only.
Behavior of the watchdog (if configured):

Enable the watchdog:  Write a 1 to io address: 0x1EE
Pet the watchdog before the timeout period (1.5s or 200s depending on jumper config): Write any value to io address: 0x1EF
Disable the watchdog: Write a 0 to io address: 0x1EE.

Pretty basic huh? As such -- there is no way to tell in software if the watchdog exists, if it is enabled, or how long the timeout is. Since this is so basic.. does it belong in the mainline kernel? Or should it best be done as a userspace program instead?
Any guidance is appreciated..


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