Boot hang on 2.6.14

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I've been looking all day for any FAQ or answer to this question/problem
and finally have to post here because I am out of options.

I have setup a system (Dell Precision 380 w/sata HD's on separate
channels) in a RAID1 software config. I added the SATA/SCSI/RAID drivers
to the kernel. I want to boot from /dev/md1 as the root FS /dev/md0 as

When the system is coming up, I see it load the md parts and then the
SCSI (I think sg) parts. Then it seems to be loading the next
module/driver as a mouse driver but after echoing the line to the
console, the system hangs indefinitely with no further messages or

I did this easily in 2.5.29 by creating a custom initrd that loaded all
the modules, crafted the arrays, and then let the system use it for root

I'm confident I'm close to getting this going since I've been beating on
it a while now but without any other message to go on, I don't know what
to look for next.

Can anyone here give me some tips on how to enable boot time debugging
or any other tricks/tips that may shed light on where things are

Any input greatly appreciated.


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