Re: PATCH: Small fixes backported to old IDE SiS driver

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Alan Cox wrote:

Some quick backport bits from the libata PATA work to fix things found
in the sis driver. The piix driver needs some fixes too but those are
way to large and need someone working on old IDE with time to do them.

This patch fixes the case where random bits get loaded into SIS timing
registers according to the description of the correct behaviour from
Vojtech Pavlik. It also adds the SiS5517 ATA16 chipset which is not
currently supported by the driver. Thanks to Conrad Harriss for loaning
me the machine with the 5517 chipset.

Did you guys ever get pata working for the real SIS180 chipset? And I don't mean the one that's reported as one in the 964 chipset, but a real SIS180 like is on the Jetway S755MAX that has 2 serial and 1 pata channels.
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