New squawk in logwatch report?

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Running 2.6.15-rc7, uptime 6d 23:43 atm.
Going thru the systems email output, I note this in the logwatch file, 
something I don't recall seeing previously:
 --------------------- Kernel Begin ------------------------ 

WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present
   smb_lookup: find contrib/ircstats2 failed, error=-5...:  1 Time(s)
   smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-2, breaking...:  2 Time(s)
   smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-5, breaking...:  1 Time(s)
   smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-512, breaking...:  1 Time(s)

 ---------------------- Kernel End -------------------------

Does anyone have a clue?  Other than its samba related, I have no clue.

Cheers, Gene
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