Re: Wish for 2006 to Alan Cox and Jeff Garzik: A functional Driver for PDC202XX

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On Sul, 2006-01-01 at 13:39 -0400, 1qay beer wrote:
> Hello,
> Dear Alan Cox,
> Dear Jeff Garzik,
> Everyone a happy new year!


> -The IDE Driver (pdc202xx_new) has still problems with "DMA Timeout".

The legacy IDE layer is handled by Bartlomiej so you should direct your
enquiries and requests to him and the linux-ide list.

> -The Libata Driver (pata_pdc2027x) seems to be still somewhat experimental.

and while I'm working on libata pata a fair bit the pdc202xx driver is
the excellent work of Albert Lee.

The 20269 has always shown up as a problem for some users but not for
most. Nobody ever really got to the bottom of it to be honest. Please
send Albert your reports about which hardware works and which fails
(<[email protected]>) as it may be very useful. In particular the
drive that works appears to be UDMA 100 and the failing one UDMA 133


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