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Hi all,

first I wish you a Happy New Year !

I spent the day updating the 2.4-hf branch (in fact, mostly the scripts
themselves), because there have been several important fixes since last
release (2005/11/04). I counted 7 security fixes, 3 major fixes and 6
minor fixes. This update will bring you to the same level as 2.4.33-pre1.
Please check the changelog appended to this mail for more details.

As I previously stated it, the numbering scheme has changed so that all
versions now share the same -hf suffix. For instance, this new version
is numbered '-hf32.1', which means that the fixes are up-to-date with
the first hotfix for mainline 2.4.32. Eventhough the name is ugly, it
will then become obvious for anyone that 2.4.29-hf32.1 is late when
2.4.33-hf is out. As a side effect, I will only announce the lastest
release, as everyone can understand that older ones are available too.

As nearly two months have elapsed since last -hf (2.4.31-hf8), a lot
of things have been merged. In fact, I had even made a 2.4.31-hf9 which
was never released due to a lack of time. So you'll find references to
it in the changelog but it will not be available for download as it is
already obsolete (except upon request, but I doubt anyone will be
interested). I intend to be able to release more often as I found how
to make my scripts benefit from git to grab the patches that I consider

I've built the kernel for i686 with all modules enabled to ensure
everything was OK, but did not boot it. I've not built incremental
diffs, but I can make them upon request if anyone needs them. Right
now, patches for kernels 2.4.29 to 2.4.32, both split up and as a
whole patch, with and without extraversion are provided.

As usual, I'm sure that Grant will be glad to do a full rebuild for all
of his machines and post the results online (Thanks Grant ;-)).

 URLs of interest :

    hotfixes home : http://linux.exosec.net/kernel/2.4-hf/
     last version : http://linux.exosec.net/kernel/2.4-hf/LATEST/LATEST/
         RSS feed : http://linux.exosec.net/kernel/hf.xml
    build results : http://bugsplatter.mine.nu/test/linux-2.4/ (Grant's site)

If anything's wrong, please bug me.

Happy kernel hacking for 2006,

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