Re: Kernel Make system and linking static libraries on kernel version s2.6.14+

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On Mon, 2006-01-02 at 09:51 -0500, Puvvada, Vijay B. wrote:
> Hello, 
> This is a "I'm stumped kind of problem" and desperately need some
> guidance with regards to the kernel make system..
> I had also started a thread at 
> with
> regards to this, where I describe the context of the problem.  
> In a nutshell, I am trying to compile the Nortel VPN client (which is
> written as part driver and part app) against the 2.6.14 kernel and I am
> getting the following warning. 
> Warning: could not
> find /usr/local/cvc_linux-rh-gcc3-3.3/src/k2.6/../.libmishim-2.6.a.cmd
> for /usr/local/cvc_linux-rh-gcc3-3.3/src/k2.6/../libmishim-2.6.a

it'll be a LOT easier for you to rewrite the Makefile such that you
don't get .a files but a .o file similar to how the rest of kbuild
operates.... while we do use .a files for linking into the vmlinux.. for
modules it's probably not the best of ideas
(and there's not really an advantage do doing so either anyway)

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