Re: another BUG in 2.6.15-rc7-rt1

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* Florian Schmidt <[email protected]> wrote:

> same config as last one. This one happened when a test program of mine 
> using RTC was running (midi_timer - it just simply tries to send midi 
> notes at a very regular interval). when additionally i started pmidi, 
> i got this BUG in the logs (pmidi 1.6 seemingly uses RTC, too).
> I also see some other problems with RTC used in sequencers like 
> rosegarden. Sometimes everything just collapses and i get millions of 
> "RTC: lost some interrupts at X hz". I never caught the original 
> message. Will look out for it. I also suspected rosegarden tobe the 
> culprit, but it seems something _is_ going on with RTC.

could you try -rc7-rt2, does it produce the same problems? (it includes 
Steve's RTC patch, so try this only if you have not tried his patch yet)

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