Re: X86_64 + VIA + 4g problems

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I did not read (and find) your original posting, but it appears to me
that your problem is similar to mine. I upgraded to 4GB RAM on X86_64
and after that my Intel Gigabit card stopped working.

Perhaps the higher class Gigabit cards need some memory area that is
(once) overwritten with 4GB main memory? I have no clue, actually :)

> eth0: 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940)
>       PrefPort:A  RlmtMode:Check Link State

Did you try the ethtool tests? They show more information, at least with
my card.

> don't know, if it's related to that, but with 2G it runs stable since about 
> a year.

Does the problem still occur with 2GB (less)? Did you try running
Knoppix? The latter solves the problem here, but obviously Knoppix is no
final solution.

> The problem arises as soon as my network (3C940) gets enabled, the following
> message is continuously repeated and nothing else works any more, not even
> console switching.

Carsten Otto
[email protected]
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