Re: Arjan's noinline Patch

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* Kurt Wall <[email protected]> wrote:

> After applying Arjan's noline patch (, I 
> see almost a 10% reduction in the size of .text (against 2.6.15-rc6) 
> with no apparent errors and no reduction in functionality:

just to make sure: this was with -Os _also_ turned on, right? So what 
you measured was the effect of Arjan's patch plus -Os, combined, 

if yes you should measure the two effects in isolation, like the vmlinux 
numbers i posted. Every patch applied and every change to .config 
options must be measured separately, to get valid results. This doesnt 
invalidate your raw vmlinux measurements - you simply need to add a 
"Arjan's patch applied but no -Os turned on" number - but it does 
invalidate your conclusion quoted above.

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