Re: system keeps freezing once every 24 hours / random apps crashing

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Mark v Wolher wrote:
>> Still no crashes or irregular things happened ! Will let it go for a few
>> more hours. This test is being done with the binary nvidia module loaded
>> and bttv disabled. The next test will be nv for X instead of the binary
>> module with bttv enabled, if crashes and such start to occur then it's
>> very likely that the problem sits in the bttv code.
>Okay, here are the test results:
>- heavy load + nvidia (binary module) + bttv with grabdisplay = crash
>- heavy load + nv (not tainted kernel) + bttv with grabdisplay = crash
>- heavy load + nvidia (binary module) + bttv with overlay = OK
>- heavy load + nv (not tainted kernel) + bttv with overlay = OK
>Adding vmware on top of it will cause the system sooner to freeze/crash
>(using grabdisplay)
>So what you think guys ?
we still think that there is a problem in bttv_risc_packed in computing
estimated size. My patch was bad, I see it now, but still don't understand, how
it is computed and how it should be:
        instructions  = (bpl * lines) / PAGE_SIZE + lines;
        instructions += 2;
and here it crashes (the first line, the (*rp)) -- actually after while loop.
So, Mauro (or somebody from list), have you any idea, what could be wrong?  

Jiri Slaby
\_.-^-._   [email protected]   _.-^-._/
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