Re: MPlayer broken under 2.6.15-rc7-rt1?

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>> you know, you could have done a little bit more effort and reproduced
>> this without the binary crud... it's not that hard you know and it
>> shows that you actually care about the problem enough that you want
>> to make it worthwhile for people to look into it.
>And you could have saved the time and effort of replying, as you had
>nothing useful to say. Why do you expect kernel users (non-developers) 
>to jump through hoops and cripple their systems in order to provide bug
>reports? Exactly how could I have tested MPLayer realistically without
>Xv support? It isn't that easy to swap video cards in a laptop.

Well, -vo is teh option with which you can choose anything, down to aa.

>Yes, I was very fortunate in that someone else with a non-tainted
>kernel noticed a similar bug with /dev/rtc, and even more fortunate

Oh did not notice *I* actually ran a tainted one *too* :p
but not touching X (despite having loaded a prop module) at all is 
sometimes enough to "untaint" a bug report ;)

Jan Engelhardt
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