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Chris White wrote:
> On Friday 30 December 2005 16:04, Mukund JB. wrote:
>>Dear Alessandro,
>>Thanks for the reply.
>>What does that the make CC=<path_to_your_gcc_3.3> do?
>>Will it set my gcc default build configuration to gcc 3.3?
> Not Alessandro but,
> CC sets the CC makefile variable.  When the kernel build system goes to 
> compile something, it doesn't call on gcc directly, but rather what the 
> variable CC is set to.  By setting it to your gcc 3.3 compiler, it will use 
> that instead.
>>I mean the general procedure is make bzImage; make modules....
>>How do I do these:
>>Will I have to do it like:
>>	make bzImage cc=<gcc path>
> make CC=<gcc path> bzImage
> note the case sensitivity, which tends to be somewhat of a pain for new *nix 
> users.

As I just stumbeled into a similar problem, I am going to ask here.

I know the "trick" of `make -j8 CC=distcc` and I always use it. But is there a way to hardwire
"CC=distcc" insie the Makefile? Just setting it there does not help it seems.


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